Summer Camps & Workshops

Summer camps and workshops give your child the opportunity to really explore artist styles and mediums. Programs usually last 2-5 hours per day and typically have a theme. With longer blocks of time and more mediums and projects, your child will take their art to a whole new level. Friends and family of our campers are invited to attend the art exibit at the end of camp. The exibit is a great way for all of our aspiring artists to display their work. For more details about upcoming camps, dates and locations please visit our classes/camps page.


"I just wanted you to know that Mady has the most fabulous time at the Pirate Summer Camp. She was so proud of the work she completed and was extremely excited to show it off to her brother, Max, who always was "the" artist in the family. Mady has definitely taken the reigns from Max and is now officially an artist!"

"Thanks again for making the class so fun for the kids. Now Mady has convinced me she MUST take the jungle class, so I've signed her up for the July 21st date. Thanks again!" 
Tammy Pineda, El Dorado Hills, CA

"Thank you Jessica and Paige for a wonderful program! My 7 year old has always enjoyed art but after attending your Safari summer camp, she transformed! Suddenly she's drawing better than ever! I was amazed at how much she learned and at how much she's drawing now. She's making all kinds of artwork for us. She so enjoyed the Safari camp she wanted to sign up for the Around the World camp too. So we did! I have to give credit to your instructors. They were fun, patient and nice. Everyday after camp she talked on and on about her art teachers. You have a terrific program going-well run, educational and fun!" 
Luann Larson, El Dorado Hills, CA 

If you would like to recommend a location for a camp or program, please email